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Crystal Bowersox is 'slinky, sexy, playful' on 'American Idol'

Crystal Bowersox singing "Come Together" on "American Idol," cause of its fun groove. Other contestants reference how she's a mom and is all about mothering, Mommasox. Lee Dewyze calls her original, kind, and straight-up; Aaron Kelly says she doesn't care what anyone else cares, which is good he says.

Definitely gives this song some soul, having fun singing it, playing with it; big smile. It's a virtuoso performance; she's a great musician, even if you don't for whatever reason quite love her. There's some guy on stage playing a didgeridoo, which is basically an Australia big pipe.

Randy says another solid performance, not your best but you're in a zone. Ellen thought it was good as always. Kara calls it one of her faves, "slinky, sexy, playful," likes that she was smiling and accessible.

Simon says you were true to yourself, as always; quirky and contemporary.

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