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Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewzye flex their muscles on 'American Idol'

"American Idol" says goodbye, promotionally speaking, one last time. Some talented people have passed this way, while this shot, from 2010, with Alicia Keys, is a vivid reminder. Photo Credit: Fox

On inspirational songs night, Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewzye showed why they're the favorites to win "American Idol," turning in performances that blew the other contestants away.

Crystal ditched the instruments and the attitude and let her strong singing do all the talking on "Don't Need No Ticket." The standout performance ended with her in tears (her dad was in the audience) and Simon praising her for finally letting down her guard, to go with her usual stellar vocal.

Lee connected just as strongly with "The Boxer," a perfect choice for his plaintive, emotional tone. Kara said "I think you had your moment tonight," as he continued his recent string of confident performances.  

As for guest mentor Alicia Keys . . . well, she was mediocore, at best. She told everyone the same thing -- connect with your audience -- and didn't really seem to push any of the contestants to greater performances.

Below is how I ranked the contestants. Chime in with your own rankings in the comments, below:

1) Crystal Bowersox was likeable for the first time, at least for me.

2) Lee Dewyze picked the perfect song and poured his heart into it.

3) Siobhan Magnus did her thing on "I Believe" -- since I like her I liked it, but others may differ.

4) Aaron Kelly was surprisingly good on "I Believe I Can Fly," although I wish there'd been less scowling.

5) Michael Lynche didn't do much with "Hero," but his vocals were good as always.

6) Tim Urban should've just kept his eyes closed for all of "Better Days." It was forgettable.

7) Casey James' "Don't Stop" was exactly the same as every other week. Simon called it "lazy." I call it another disappointment.

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