Crystal Bowersox sings some song from "Caddyshack" -- "I'm All Right" -- on "American Idol." It's a pretty loony and bad song choice. Jamie Foxx tells her to lick your wounds, get up and connect with the audience, gives her an "artist" shirt.

Hmmm, she turns it into this super-bluesy, powerful song. Man, Crystal's back! Driving lyrics, makes us believe, tells a story -- takes a mediocore song and makes me wanna listen. If she'd picked a stronger song we could've had a moment, as it is the best performance on a bad night.

Randy says you switched it up, that it's not his favorite performance but good. Ellen says "you actually took that song and made it better." Kara dittos, nice job. Simon, who apparently never watches movies and thinks "Caddyshack" is some sex film, just says "you're back in the game."

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