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Crystal Bowersox's best-ever song closes 'American Idol' and Simon's career

Crystal Bowersox's last "American Idol" song is "Up To the Mountain," starts out slow, somber and controlled.

Her soaring voice has us all quietly listening. It's a great choice. She just seems like the winner -- totally believable as the champ with the lights and her poise and her sincerity shows through. Listening to her sing is bringing a smile to my face, tears to a lot of people right now. Wow, it's her best performance of the year.

She looks like she's about to cry and she's never been better than this.

Randy says "this is what this show's about -- an amazing song by an amazing singer." He calls it "incredible." Ellen calls it unique, says she's "in a league of your own." The audience is hooting and hollering. Kara says she was totally emotionally invested, unlike any other night and calls it "amazing."

Crystal then tells Simon, before he speaks, "Thank you, you've been amazing." It's heartfelt and nice.

Simon says its "by far the best performance and song of the night," and says, simply, "that was outstanding." 

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