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Crystal Bowersox's recovered and gets gushed over on 'American Idol'

Crystal Bowersox is up first on "American Idol," apparently more or less recovered from her mystery illness. Doing "Long As I Can See the Light," says she wants to prove to Simon that she'd make him stop on the subway if he heard her singing.

Wearing a purple top and black pants, she's got a cice, soaring voice, slowed-down and controlled version. It's pretty powerful. For whatever reason, I'm not a huge fan of hers, but there's definitely a good vocal in here even if it's not making me jump up and down. And she seems totally relaxed.

Randy says "truth is reality," loves how she's herself, and he loves her. "Pure, raw, natural talent," Ellen says. "This is who you are," says Kara, and says she loves it too. Simon says he knows how sick she's been, "I completely misunderestimated you from last week," compares it to the moment of recognition with Kelly Clarkson, "we have a real serious artist here."

She's very matter-of-fact with Ryan afterward, maybe that's why she's not my cup of tea. There's something almost cold about her, a bit too much business.

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