Crystal Bowersox goes back to Ohio, her landing is seriously covered live by the local Fox channel. Probably more airtime than they gave to previewing Tuesday's primaries.

She signs some crazy guy's bare chest, tells him, "you better bathe." Messes with the crowd, pops out of the sunroof of her limo a few times.

Ton of people gathered in downtown Toledo as she gets the key to the city, seems like a bigger deal than Casey's was.

Goes to her dad's, big hug for her son. Then goes to 'Bowerstock,' more crazy crowds, she seems a bit overwhelmed by it all. Blasts out her tunes, sounding very Janis. Throws out the first pitch at a baseball game; all in a day.

"Home sweet home, man," she says at the end of the video, cuts back to her crying in the studio. Nice to see her emotion; she talks about a song she wrote for Toledo, really cares about her people, it's awesome. 

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