Crystal Bowersox was the best on a bad night, as even excellent mentor Jamie Foxx couldn't save Lee DeWyze, Michael Lynche and Casey James from choking on movie night.

You gotta go big when it comes to songs from the silver screen -- the best ones are all larger than life, and everyone knows them. But to paraphrase what Simon said to Casey about his pathetic performance, pretty much everyone came up small on what was a big night.

It's depressing -- for so long we've been thinking the weak performances have been an aberration, that they were just nervous or picked bad songs or had an off night, that magic was just around the corner.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is what it is. It's been one of the weakest, least memorable "American Idol" seasons ever. Adam Lambert raised everyone's game last season and saved the franchise. This year, they're all floundering in mediocrity as Simon makes his exit.

It's not enough to have the vocal chops that Lee and Crystal and Michael have; you also have to be a good performer and make good song choices. It's rare this year that anyone's put all three together, and usually just doing well in one area has been enough to have you "win" the night.

Here's how I ranked everyone. Put your own in the comments, below:

1) Crystal Bowersox oddly picks "I'm All Right" from "Caddyshack," but manages to make a bad song pretty good -- which is enough on this weak night.

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2) Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox had a great time singing "Falling Slowly" together. I didn't think they had real chemistry -- just two great singers sharing space -- but the judges disagreed.

3) Michael Lynche had a chance for a moment with "Will You Be There" -- he missed it, but as Simon says, at least he gave it his all.

4) Casey James and Michael Lynche's "When You Love a Woman" was a naked appeal for votes. It would have been more memorable had they been.

5) Lee DeWyze's "Kiss From a Rose" was pitchy, surprisingly weak and totally forgettable. Oh well, everyone stumbles sometimes.

6) Casey Jame's "Mrs. Robinson" was, as Simon said, a small performance on a big night. 

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