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‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ memorable moments: From ‘Baldist’ to ‘Social Assassin’

Larry David returns -- finally -- on HBO's

Larry David returns -- finally -- on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Credit: HBO / John P. Johnson

After a six-year hiatus, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” — in which “Seinfeld” co-creator Larry David plays a guy named Larry David who’s fighting a never-ending battle with the everyday annoyances of life — finally returns with new episodes (Sunday, Oct. 1, at 10 p.m. on HBO). The upcoming ninth season will undoubtedly find our bald, irascible star stumbling into his share of misadventures.

So to get you up to speed (after all, a lot of time has passed since Sept. 11, 2011, when the season 8 finale aired), here’s an A-Z of some of “Curb’s” memorable moments, characters and catchphrases.

A. ANDY Larry’s annoying cousin, played by Richard Kind

B. BALDIST Someone who discriminates against bald people.

C. CHAT AND CUT The annoying behavior when someone fakes familiarity with a person they barely know just so they can cut in line.

D. DATE According to Larry, a date is “an experience you have with another person that makes you appreciate being alone.”

E. EX That would be Cheryl, who used to be married to Larry. She decides to leave him when he ignores her phone call from an airplane experiencing severe turbulence because he needs to talk instead to the “TiVo guy” about his malfunctioning TV.

F. FOUL-MOUTHED The nicest way to describe Susie’s conversational style.

G. GROAT’S SYNDROME/GROAT’S DISEASE Rob Reiner asks Larry to participate in a charity auction to raise money to help fight this ailment: a fictitious neurological disorder, marked by excessive hyperactivity and spasticity. (Larry named it for Dick Groat, a baseball star of the early 1960s who happened to be bald.)

H. HALLOWEEN Larry refuses to give candy to a group of teen trick-or-treaters because they’re not wearing costumes. They retaliate by vandalizing his house.

I. ICE CREAM SAMPLE ABUSER Larry’s description of a woman ahead of him in an ice-cream shop line who takes too much time sampling flavors before she makes her choice.

J. JEFF GREENE Larry’s manager and confidant, played by Jeff Garlin.

K. KRAYZEE EYEZ KILLAH Wanda Sykes’ gangster-rapper fiance who bonds with Larry (“Are you my Caucasian?”)

L. LARRY DAVID SANDWICH Leo’s Deli names a sandwich after him. Unfortunately, it consists of sable, whitefish, capers, onions and cream cheese.

M. MISTER SOFTEE When Larry hears the ice-cream truck’s music, it triggers a traumatic memory from his youth.

N. NAT DAVID Larry’s befuddled father, played by the late Shelley Berman.

O. OSCAR Jeff and Susie’s dog, whose favorite food is coconut frozen yogurt from Pinkberry.

P. PIG PARKER Larry’s description of a person whose car takes up two parking spaces.

Q. QUARREL Basically, what Larry does with every person he comes in contact with.

R. ROSIE O’DONNELL Larry and the Commack native fight for the same bisexual woman’s affections, and in another episode, she beats him up.

S. SOCIAL ASSASSIN Jeff’s description of Larry’s ability to directly call out others for their annoying habits. (Like saying “LOL” instead of laughing.)

T. THE BLACKS African-American family displaced by a hurricane who are “adopted” by Larry and his wife, Cheryl.

U. ULTRA CLEAN CLEANERS Business run by Anna (Gina Gershon), a Hasidic woman who wants to sleep with Larry.

V. VANILLA [EXPLETIVE] LATTE CAPPA THING What Larry orders at Starbucks.

W. WEATHERMAN Larry accuses a local TV weatherman of falsely predicting rain so that he can have the golf course to himself.

X. XMAS EVE Larry ruins the holiday for Cheryl’s family when he makes a midnight snack out of Cheryl’s sister’s Nativity-scene cookies.

Y. YANKEES JERSEY Larry goes to the dry-cleaner and learns that she accidentally gave his No. 25 jersey (for Larry’s childhood hero, Joe Pepitone) to someone else.

Z. ZAPPA Moon Unit Zappa guest-starred as Haboos, a Muslim woman. Larry sets her up on a date with his blind friend, reasoning that he won’t be able to see that she’s wearing a burqa.

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