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‘Fear the Walking Dead’s’ Danay Garcia is alive and talking

Danay Garcia stars as Luciana in "Fear the

Danay Garcia stars as Luciana in "Fear the Walking Dead." Credit: AMC / Richard Foreman Jr

There’s no reason to fear “The Walking Dead” crossover with “Fear the Walking Dead” Sunday night, with the season 8 finale of “Dead” at 9 on AMC and the season 4 premiere of “Fear” at 10:10 p.m. But there may be reason to be confused.

As previously revealed, Lennie James’ character, Morgan, will leave the Georgia-set “Walking Dead” to join “Fear the Walking Dead,” now set in Texas. But the world of “Fear” has been that of the zombie apocalypse’s early days, while the season 9 trailer for “The Walking Dead” specified that a decade has passed. Yet “Fear” seems to be getting the current, Zen-like Morgan, bo stick and all. Perhaps we’re also crossing over with NBC’s time-travel series “Timeless”?

We know better than to ask a cast member about heavily guarded plot details, but Danay Garcia, who plays the tough and tender Luciana Galvez on “Fear,” is happy to talk about James, one of four new cast members along with Garret Dillahunt, Jenna Elfman and Maggie Grace.

“When I heard there was going to be a crossover, I was curious how we were going to put it together,” Garcia, 33, says by phone from Hawaii, where she is vacationing and pitching a film festival on a 35-minute short, “The Cure,” that she wrote, produced and directed. “We didn’t get the [“Fear” season 4 premiere] script until two weeks before we started shooting in November. So for the longest time I didn’t know what they had in mind. Then I heard it was going to be Lennie James, and I really love his character, Morgan. And I was just really excited to meet him and to get to work with him, because it’s the first time, I think, that I got to meet an actor that I admire.” Garcia says she’s a fan of “The Walking Dead” and has watched from the start.

When last we saw Luciana in the middle of season 3, she had left her lover, Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) at the Broke Jaw Ranch near San Diego to search for a friend in Mexicali. In the season 4 premiere, “What’s Your Story,” we find her in Texas, where the season is now both set and filmed. “We’re going to explain how we made it there and how we operate right now, with a new set of rules,” Garcia says.

The actress says she can’t give specifics, both to avoid spoilers and also because “nobody knows anything until everything is happening. That’s the truth.” Indeed, there was no guarantee Luciana was even coming back. “You really don’t know until you know. You just get used to it,” says Garcia, who shot two films and an episode of “Hawaii Five-O” last year on her time off from “Fear.” “It comes with the job. I think that’s one reason the shows are so successful, because they’re so unpredictable. And as actors you just learn to enjoy the ride once you have it and do your best.”

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