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'Dancing with the Stars': Peace out

Yes, I've wanted to use a blog headline on "Dancing With the Stars" like that one for years, but the opportunity did not present itself. Finally, ahhh, it has: Peace is indeed out.

What happened? Well, Metta World Peace, otherwise known as the Artist Formerly Known as Ron Artest, was not a particularly good dancer. I figured he'd get some Lakers fans behind him, and then two things occurred: Maybe they don't watch "DWTS"; and maybe they didn't know who this guy -- who looked like Ron Artest but who went by the name Metta World Peace -- actually was. (Even if he looked like Artest.) 

And why vote for a stranger? 

That said, I'm disappointed by this ejection. Peace seems like a good guy; I couldn't wait to see what he would wear next week; and he was doing this whole thing, he said, to help his little girl who has cancer.


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