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'Dancing with the Stars': What the heck?!

Actress Kristin Cavallari attends Ubisoft's

Actress Kristin Cavallari attends Ubisoft's "Just Dance Three" Launch Party at The Beverly in Los Angeles, California. (Oct. 4, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

Well, here we go again -- another politicized "Dancing with the Stars" that's more about generating some controversy than a dancing competition: Chaz Bono stays; Kristin Cavallari goes. Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter -- at all.

Someone will win this during November sweeps, when they're supposed to. But in the meantime fans are gonna have to endure that insane debate, played out in endless comment strings, between those who support transgenders and those who do not.

It's another red state-blue state debate played out on the nation's most popular TV show -- only the exact reverse of the Bristol Palin situation. Bono, of course, should've gone last night. Of course, Cavallari should not have. But as with Palin, Bono has supporters who are voting for him irrespective of what they see on the ballroom floor. 

The difference between Bono's (18) and Cavallari's (24) score was six full points! That would almost have to mean no one voted for Cavallari except the three judges! But as noted, this doesn't really matter. It's about the debate, the hatred, that ABC knows will be generated, and draw even more attention to the show.

 Is this debate a good thing -- something that will breed tolerance or understanding? Unlikely. Positions are dug in, and this might only serve to dig them in deeper. No wonder Chaz looks so miserable all the time. 

Meanwhile, I suspect ABC is not unhappy about any of this at all -- after all, Cher will turn up next week in the studio audience. It's a photo op as anxiously anticipated as the last anxiously anticipated one -- Sarah Palin.

Photo: Kristin Cavallari and her partner Mark Ballas on ABC TV's "Dancing with the Stars."  (Sept. 26, 2011)


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