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Danny Gokey goes tight on 'American Idol'

Danny Gokey comes out to sing as 'American Idol' cuts to its top 16, in a black parka and tight jeans, looks in pretty good shape actually. Singing "My Best Days."

His voice is about as good as ever, seems to be much more relaxed and a better performer. This year's group of guys really is pretty weak, he's better than pretty much all of them were on Tuesday.

Afterwards tells Ryan he misses everyone, tells Ellen he wants to go on her show and dance. Says Randy Travis last year got him to do country; it was good advice, I think Danny's found a good fit.

He's very insistent and touchy-feely and all excited and run-on sentences with Ryan, has gone a bit Hollywood.

I never like him much on the show, mainly because of his nutty fan base; but he seems like a good guy, glad that he's doing well.

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