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Dave Pittman's Tourette Syndrome doesn't derail him on 'American Idol'

Dave Pittman, who has Tourette Syndrome -- yup, this is officially the year of contestants facing challenges on "American Idol." One of his symptons is he clears his throat incessantly, but he says it doesn't seem to affect him when he's singing.

Out of nowhere gives us a deep, soulful, heartfelt "Bring it on Home to Me." Wow, a great voice. Neil says, "weird elephant in the room, do you have like Tourette's Syndrome." Likes his voice, Simon says "people are going to like you, and your voice is terrific." 

At the end Neil says "I think you're crazy-brave," and he makes it through. Yeah, he scores off the charts on likeability, and has a totally surprising voice. He could go far.

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Note: Thanks to an email from Marques, a 13-year-old with Tourette Syndrome, I made the following fixes to this blog entry: Changed from "Tourette's Syndrome" to "Tourette." 

And changed part of the first sentence from "yup, this is officially the year of the disease on 'American Idol'" to "yup, this if officially the year of contestants facing challenges on "American Idol" (Tourette Syndrome is actually not a disease, it's classified as a disorder.)

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