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'Dave' review: Vulgar, funny show is for Dave Burd fans only

Dave Burd as the title character in

 Dave Burd as the title character in FXX's "Dave." Credit: FX/Byron Cohen


WHEN|WHERE Premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FXX

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Dave (Dave Burd, AKA rapper Lil Dicky) is convinced he will become the world's greatest rapper but must first overcome his neuroses, which are of the male variety. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Ally (Taylor Misiak) has to cope with his new rap persona. 

MY SAY Who's Lil Dicky? If ya gotta ask, then we've got a problem here already. But if you must know, then ask your son (who is ideally between the ages of 15 and 22). He'll know. Also tell him YG has a prominent cameo in the pilot. Suddenly, as if by magic, you will have his undivided attention. 

"Dave" is not for everyone but there absolutely is a crowd for this shrewd, often funny, and scorchingly vulgar new comedy. "Dave" explores the most important social, or at least musical, development since the death of rock ' n roll, from the perspective of a white, Jewish kid from Philly who blows his bar mitzvah savings in order to get one brief and precious "sample."

 To borrow the tagline from a certain rye bread, you don't have to be Jewish to like "Dave" but you sure better "get" the culture, swagger, swag, and (above all) language first. Burd has a big following for his specific style of rap — a little bit of comedy, built on a whole lot of aspiration. Plenty of other white kids have been working on their beats too, inspired in part by Lil Dicky, but this comedy is about the real price of entry. Who knew it could be so idiotic?

 BOTTOM LINE Funny, vulgar, for Burd fans only.    

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