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David Chase finally gets cranking on 'A Ribbon of Dreams'

David Chase at an HBO premiere at the

David Chase at an HBO premiere at the MoMA on June 5, 2014. Chase is finally back at work on "A Ribbon of Dreams," about early Hollywood. This miniseries - or full-blown series - will air on HBO. Credit: Getty Images / Stephen Lovekin

Well, it does appear we have something else to thank "True Detective" for -- it's gotten HBO and David Chase to put a little mustard in their efforts to get that long-aborning project, "A Ribbon of Dreams," back in the production pipeline. He just confirmed that he is actively writing a treatment for a series.

In a good interview just posted on the Daily Beast (and brought to my and maybe your attention by the redoubtable, a surprisingly expansive Chase -- certainly expansive given the burn marks he still has after that Tony-Is-Still-Alive piece in Vox last week -- told the website that he is finally writing this series about proto-Hollywood, before the likes of "LB" and Jack Warner terrorized the place. It does sound fascinating, and, better yet, Chase sounds pumped. The quote: 

Finally, I’ve started to really write it. I wrote some, but threw it away because I didn’t like the direction it was going. But for the last three to four months, I’ve been writing it. As a writer, sometimes you hit a hot streak and you just go. I’m really enjoying it. I don’t know if it’s any good because I haven’t read it over. I talked to [HBO president of programming] Michael Lombardo recently, and originally they wanted it as a series, but I pitched it as a miniseries and said I wanted the first two hours to be a feature. For business reasons, they couldn’t get their heads around that. It’s been going on for so long, the business has changed, so Michael Lombardo said, “Just write it. If it’s four hours, it’s fine, if it’s a series, it’s fine.” And they had a good experience with 'True Detective,' so I’m just going to write it and see what it becomes."

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