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Deandre Brackensick finds himself and his falsetto on 'American Idol'

Deandre Brackensick singing Eric Benet's "Sometimes I Cry" next on "American Idol." Guest mentor Stevie Nicks tells him to slow it down, don't try to go too big and connect with the audience.

Strolls out amid the fog in his leather jacket and flowing hair with such confidence; and then breaks loose with the falsetto. It's not totally believable, he's trying to do something hard; but his voice is fantastic on the chorus, nice control.

Not a great song, and you can hear him gulping air, but vocally he's operating at a high level of difficulty, gets the judges on their feet at the end.

"That's what your voice was meant to do," says Steven Tyler.

"It is hands down something you do not hear every day, people pick up your phones and vote for Deandre!" says Jennifer Lopez.

Randy Jackson tells him this is who you are, keep doing exactly this.

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