They don't make political ads like this anymore! (But they do make movies! Check out one of the great trailers of all time, below - 2007's "Black Sheep.")

  And there's a reason they don't make political ads like this any more.

  "Demon Sheep" has now officially gone viral, and if you haven't seen it yet, you should see it now.

  It's an attack ad produced by Carly Fiorina against an opponent in the California Senate race; his name is Tom Campbell, and he's running as a GOP fiscal conservative. 

  But not according to "Demon Sheep."

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 In fact, ol' Red Eyes is a wolf in sheep's clothing - or actually, a guy in a sheep's Halloween costume that he bought from Party City, and then he also forked out an extra ten bucks for the mask that has the glowing red eyes - the same mask that was sold out when your kid tried to buy it last year.

  So blame Carly Fiorina.

  I know everyone is dumping on Demon Sheep, but I love this ad. In fact, it'll probably get Campbell elected - which may not have been the intention...

  Here's the full've gotta scroll to the last minute to get to the fun stuff. 



And now, "Black Sheep." You'll never look at your wool sweater the same way again...

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