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Dennis Hopper: TV, and so much else



  Dennis Hopper, who died today at age 74, was first and (now) last a TV actor. He began in the medium - often in westerns - and ended his long career in "Crash." There were so many tv credits...just a few: "Cheyenne," "Studio One," "Naked City," "GE Theater," "Sufside 6"" - yes, you can imagine he was probably the crazed heavy in these early efforts - "The T Zone," "The Defenders," "Bonanza," "Gunsmoke," "Combat," "The Big Valley"...

 Yes, "The Big Valley," and the easy money...on the big screen, with "Easy Rider."

 He came back to TV many years later: "24" (Victor Drazen), "E-Ring" (just a quick paycheck), and finally Crash." 

  (He's also got a voice in "Alpha and Omega," another one of those 3-D efforts that's coming out this summer; nothing to do with TV.)

  Bottom line: Hopper had a good run on TV and then abandoned it for the big screen.

  Ah well.

  Another huge loss. Just huge. I can't even begin to calibrate this one. I knew he was sick, we all knew he was sick. But now he's gone. Unbelievable.

  Dennis Hopper.

  To the clips.I'm gonna throw a bunch of 'em up. No logic to them. Hopper would like it this it this way, I suspect. And for "Easy Rider" fans...let's see if you remember the last clip in this long string....Hopper...



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