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Did Andrea -- Laurie Holden -- really die on 'The Walking Dead?'

David Morrissey brings to life one of the

David Morrissey brings to life one of the most popular comic book villains ever as The Governor on "The Walking Dead." Credit: AMC

Let's begin a conspiracy theory, right here, right now: Did Andrea -- Laurie Holden -- really die on the season finale of "The Walking Dead" Sunday night?

Oh sure, probably .?.?. But consider the alternate conspiracy theory: She did not. Why? To the reasons!

1.) Obviously, you didn't see her die, did you? You heard a gunshot, then you saw Rick looking glum, then you assumed, yes, you assumed, that poor dear Laurie was wrapped in the arms of poor dear Michonne (Danai Gurira). But you did not see her die, leaving, of course, the possibility that she did not.

2.) Andrea's death, if indeed she did die, would have deprived the Andrea haters of actually seeing Andrea become zombified. Many fans turned against her when she chose to remain with evil overlord, the Gov'nah. Seems like a perfectly good waste of a main hated character.

3.) Andrea, if indeed she did die, would be the last female character from the original cast -- beginning 35 episodes ago. That would leave just two and a half men -- Glenn (Steve Yeun), Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Carl (Chandler Riggs). (Carol came a couple of episodes later.) Not that  "The Walking Dead" is sensitive to issues of sexual politics but .?.?. it is. Women on "Dead" are  fierce; as fierce as the men. Why turn this into a man's club just because she got a little bite on the neck?

4.) Andrea did not die in the comic book series -- or not yet anyway. Not that that matters too much to the TV series, but it does.

5.) What if Michonne decides to keep Andrea as her pet biter? Think of it -- Andrea turns, then Michonne does--- you know, stuff to the poor biter to keep her in check. Of course Holden would then continue the series as a biter, and chances for future TV gigs might be thus threatened. But it could happen.

6.) Andrea doesn't turn into a biter. Think about it ---perhaps Michonne says, let's give it a shot! "Maybe you won't turn!" And miraculously, she doesn't. 

7.)  Final piece of conspiracy theory: Milton -- Dallas Ford -- never dined on her in the first place. What explained that gash on the neck? A number of things -- a fight, a weapon, who knows. Why would she say she was bitten? We'll find out next season.

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