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Did Brad Pitt stiff 'Today' by going on 'Good Morning America?'

Actor Brad Pitt attends The Cinema Society with

Actor Brad Pitt attends The Cinema Society with Men's Health and DeLeon hosted screening of The Weinstein Company's "Killing Them Softly" in Manhattan. (Nov. 26, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

File this post under - Interesting Theory if Proven True (Otherwise, Still Interesting): Did Brad  Pitt agree to an extended two part interview which aired on “Good Morning America” this morning (second part tomorrow) as a way of sticking it to “Today?” 

As you are no doubt aware, gossip sites gleefully reported a couple of months ago that Brangelina would avoid “Today” after the sacking of Ann Curry. Angelina Jolie has fond feelings for Curry, someone who's worked long and hard to cover the atrocities and civil wars of sub-Sahara Africa.

Pitt's on the rounds for his new movie -- the name of which escapes me for the moment (oh right, “Killing Them Softly") -- so one wonders whether there's a codicil in his contract which provides that he must do morning TV -- but only the morning TV show of his choice?  He's long gone on “Today,” but there was pragmatism to the choice: It was after all the No. 1 one morning show for 16 years.

Now that “GMA's” the top hounddog, that may make it a better choice for promotional work anyway. Another advantage of supremacy in the morning. I've got emails out to the shows; will let you know what I hear. But don't hold your breath, because I'm not.

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