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Did Jacob Lusk really give the best performance ever on 'American Idol'?

Jackie Wilson is next on "American Idol." I don't think she makes it. She forgot her words in her final performance and we haven't really seen much of her. Jennifer Lopez says she looks good, which is like the kiss of death -- she gets cut.

Jacob Lusk is next. We never saw him until Hollywood, but he's been featured since. He's totally passionate, has a huuuuuge voice and great stage presence. In easily, of course, after J.Lo asks, "How are you, sweet pea?"

Oooh, Randy Jackson says "your performance of 'God Bless the Child' was the single best performance ever, ever on 'Idol'." Wow, now that's an insane statement.

Cannot wait to see more of him. I think you've gotta do it on the big stage for it to be the best, ever. 

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