Good Evening
Good Evening

Did Larry King really say...

...that Piers Morgan had driven his old show - "Larry King Live" - off the cliff into the surging waters of the Pacific below where it was promptly eaten by sharks? Nothing of the sort! In fact, not even close. My friends at CNN say the genesis of this car-driving metaphor/comment came from an interview with Billy Bush, who asked if he missed the gig. Said Larry: 

 "We did 25-and-a-half years there. I’ve been in the business for 54 years. It’s mixed emotions, it really is. Some days, I just want to be there. Some days, I’m so glad I’m not. It’s like watching your mother-in-law go over a cliff in your new Bentley.

 So there: What Larry was really conveying was a metaphor - that he would have mixed emotions if his mother-in-law (he doesn't say which one) drove his Bentley off the cliff.


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