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Did 'The Daily Show' just whack CNN's new 10 p.m. show?

Well, what now "(Get to) the Point"? That's CNN's new 10 p.m. show that just wrapped a week of tryouts Thursday night, and the reason I ask is that I'm hearing the show won't return next week, at least not at 10. Would that be in response to the body slam it took Thursday night on "The Daily Show"? Hard to say, but my own brief sampling suggests that a.) It's not nearly as bad as "TDS" indicated and b.) it's absolutely  in the wrong time period. A show like this -- five noisy and opposing views like Fox's "The Five" -- works better early at night, when viewers are more of a mind to tolerate the format.

 By the way, is reporting that CNN is exploring a revival of "Crossfire," last seen in 2005. There's a little irony here, because Stewart singlehandedly killed "Crossfire" all those years ago; remember? If not, check out the other clip below... for a fun trip down memory lane. 

  Reason for this post late on a Friday is as follows: Jeff Zucker's honeymoon is over, and "The Daily Show" hit, first clip below, is dramatic proof of that. Everything he does from now on will be subject to withering scrutiny.

  Meanwhile, one break in the clouds may already be on the network: Jake Tapper's new 4 p.m. series, "The Lead." He's good, so is his new series. Why not give him a 10 p.m. run? What say you, Mr. Stewart?

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