Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Did Viacom chairman bribe Daily Beast reporter?



Oh, dear. This does not look positive for for the powerful octogenarian chairman of Viacom - one Sumner Redstone, who has been compared to Charles Foster Kane and now appears to be Charles Foster Kane if this little controversy is true. 

  In this bizarre voice-mail, he is reported to be bribing a reporter for the Daily Beast -- Peter Lauria, formerly with the NY Post. If this is indeed Redstone -- and the Daily Beast says it is -- then he is seeking the source of a negative story that Lauria wrote about a girl band that was to be featured on an MTV reality show. Lauria's piece had reported that the band was terrible (I think they were called the Electric Barbarellas) but that Redstone was smitten with 'em.

  In this voice mail, he says he won't "kill" the source. He just wants his name.

  Oh dear. If true -- you are hearing the voice of one of the most powerful people in the world seeking retribution over a girl band.

  This doesn't look good. Or sound good either.

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