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Didi Benami plays the part of a departed contestant on 'American Idol'

Didi Benami is singing "You're No Good" next on "American Idol." Miley Cyrus tells her to go even bigger, and don't let the nerves take over.

Wearing a black dress, she starts slow and strong, but she's definitely nervous. Gets better when she kicks it up a notch, pretty emphatic with the chorus. It's an OK vocal, but not getting anything creative or exciting from it. She should've done something like, "These Boots are Made for Walking."

Randy says he loved the idea of it, but pitchy. Ellen didn't like the choice, Kara said it seemed like you were playing a character, which is spot on. Simon makes the obvious joke about her "screeching" out "you're no good," like the bad part of a musical, and says it didn't sound like her.

Compares her to "the girl who left last week," Lacey Brown. She defends herself, said she wanted to show a different side, uses the traditional "wanted to have fun on stage -- and I had a good time."

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