Didi Benami is likely about to be named the first finalist who'll be singing the music of the 'Rolling Stones' on '"American Idol." And she is.

Siobhan Magnus is next. I really like her. She's interesting and totally seems to be herself. And she makes it in.

Hmm, interesting, Katelyn Epperly who I thought was horrible and Paige Miles who I thought was OK are up together. One's in, one's out. Simon says flat out Paige has more potential. Wow, and she's in!

Totally surprised, but it makes me happy, I really like her. Glad she gets another chance and I hope now that she's in the finals she relaxes and just belts it out each week.

Katelyn is comforted by the other women after singing a not-great encore of "I Feel the Earth Move." 

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