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Didi Benomie and Katelyn Epperly in shock to make 'American Idol' top 24 semifinals

Didi Benomie up next on 'American Idol' to see if she makes the top 24 semifinals; she's the one whose friend died. I really like her;  and after the usual back-and forth... she makes it through! Starts crying, says she's in shock.

Next, Katelyn Epperly; not sure if she'll make it, she's the one whose dad ran out on them, says she wanted to make it to show her brothers just cause their parents are divorced doesn't mean they can't go on to do great things....

Show Ellen saying during Hollywood round she didn't think she connected; now Ellen pretends she's not gonna draw this out then keeps messing with her,  eventually...

She's through! Totally crying, can't believe it.

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