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Disliked and tardy contestants cut as Steven Tyler gets chair dance on 'American Idol'

Tiffany Rios is up next on "American Idol," with sidekick Jessica Yance in "Rebel Star." They actually sound decent and play off each other well on "Irreplaceable." Hmm . . . Randy Jackson though cuts them off with, "it was really bad."

I didn't think it was that bad. Of course, Tiffany argues, while Jessica just says "thank y'all."

"Spanglish" is missing a member, the camera crew finds him in his hotel room, shirtless. Steven Tyler starts playing the drums to kill time.

Jovany Barreto gets them off to a good start. Tardy Kevin Campos is good, too. They're really not bad on "Just the Way You Are." Karen Rodriguez is good, too. Hmmm, I'm actually enjoying this, even the chessy dance moves.

In a really weird sequence Tyler says congrats to three, then fumbles with his paper and his glasses and after talking to Jennifer Lopez only lets Jovany and Karen go on -- kind of cringe-inducing.

Next group gets Tyler up on stage in a chair while they sing to him. It's funny -- they're like fonndling his hair and gyrating right in front of him to "Some Kind of Wonderful," he even joins in on the chorus. It's fun. They all have decent voices, too, even if it all blends together. 

"That was very cute," says Lopez, "and that makes this kind of hard." Only Lauren makes it out, the others get cut.

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