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'Disturbingly great' Steve Beguhn on 'American Idol'

Accountant Steve Beguhn, who says he's pretty much a "weddings and funerals" singer, is up next on "American Idol."

Wow. He sings"The Man Who Can't Be Loved" it in a totally unique, silvery tone, and a high voice. Steven Tyler gets it exactly right -- "I found you to be disturbingly great."

It's like you want to keep listening, even though nothing about him screams star. He kind of looks like a tall dork. But he can sing. Very interesting guy. 

Vernika Patterson does a weird "Loving You," blaming Jennifer Lopez, "the lady," for looking at her; sings it totally off-key. Gets a bit hostile with the judges. "Is it because I'm not skinny like half the females in here?" she says, and storms off eventually.

So they do the obligatory montage of bleeped-out angry insane people, several of whom slam the camera.

If nothing else "American Idol" shows how many Americans, in addition to being delusional, have some serious anger-management problems.



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