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Dockworker Lloyd Thomas is 'overjoyed,' Kimberly Carver doesn't need Simon

Dockworker Lloyd 'big and sexy' Thomas dances a bit at the start of his 'American Idol' introduction, turns out he's a gentle giant as they show his daughters, who he clearly dotes on.

Oh, and such a sweet "Overjoyed," of course people will compare him to Reuben, the same big body, beautiful vocals.

Kara loves that his voice comes out of someone who works on the docks, Neil wants him to be flashier, Simon calls it his favorite audition of the day, "you're a great singer, well done." He's overjoyed, "I wish you could taste what I taste right now -- it's the taste of victory, dee-licious."

Ha, what a big personality.

Kimberly Carver next, does an original, snappy, swinging song. She can totally sing, has great pacing. "You can blow, that was really, really, good" says Randy; Simon doesn't find her current or interesting, which Neil disagrees with too.They all bicker, it's really pointless without Paula.

She gets through without Simon's vote, he mocks it all afterwards, "welcome to jazz-TV...."

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