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Good Afternoon

'Doctor Who' Capaldi trailer arrives, with a dinosaur, and a horse and ... Capaldi

Glasgow-born actor and Oscar winner Peter Capaldi in

Glasgow-born actor and Oscar winner Peter Capaldi in London on May 12, 2013. Credit: AP

One of the great outstanding questions in all of television -- what about this guy Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor Who? We'll, or at least viewers in the U.K., will know much more in late August -- the 23rd -- when the eighth season (out of what? 50 seasons?) arrives on BBC One.

But in the meantime, the first full-length Capaldi trailer arrived over the weekend, and in fact during Sunday's World Cup finale telecast. This trailer -- which you can see here or here -- is certainly intriguing: This is a Who who may be full of remorse, but who is probably not, but who certainly knows how to ride a horse but who may not know how to ride a Tyrannosaurus Rex or engage an army of 'bots that look suspiciously like recombinant R2-D2s. Confused? As well you should be. Take a look, but this (and Capaldi) does appear -- to offer a Britishism -- smashing: 


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