Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

'Doctor Who's' lost episodes and more new TV DVDs worth watching

Patrick Troughton ad Dr. Who in the late

Patrick Troughton ad Dr. Who in the late 1960s. Credit: BBC


Series: Lost episodes found after 45 years unseen! Patrick Troughton's 1968 BBC Time Lord arc looks astonishing on DVD. Five of its six Yeti/Brigadier episodes were unearthed on film at a Nigerian TV relay station, then VidFire-processed to restore their original videotape sheen. (Episode 3 uses stills over full-length audio.) The story's action picks up from the also-rediscovered Troughton double-role tale "The Enemy of the World," due on disc May 20. (Both dropped at iTunes last fall.)

Extras: Nothing. Not even an account of the Nigerian find.

List price: $20, out April 22 from BBC.

Also new:

MONSTERS: COMPLETE SERIES Syndicated '80s anthology of 72 episodes with David McCallum, Chris Noth, Darren McGavin, Meat Loaf, Steve Buscemi, Gina Gershon, Tony Shalhoub, Soupy Sales, Stiller and Meara, lots more; $100, eOne.

THE CLASS Lizzy Caplan ("Masters of Sex"), Jon Bernthal ("The Walking Dead"), Jesse Tyler Ferguson ("Modern Family") and Jason Ritter ("Parenthood") are reunited third-grade classmates in CBS' 2006 sitcom; $30, direct from

TV DVDs on the way:

MAY 6 "Grizzly Adams" complete

MAY 13 "Orange Is the New Black"

JUNE 10 "True Detective"

JULY 22 "Now and Again"

AUG. 26 "The Walking Dead: Season 4"

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