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Don Imus attacks viewers, CNBC ...

Don Imus, still on radio and still on TV, launched into a diatribe against CNBC this morning for some recent aspersion cast upon his ratings, measured in the dozens, for Fox Business. But this followed an earlier whack that Imus took at those who were not watching his show. He called them "bastards." 

Good old Imus -- a foolish consistency is not the hobgoblin of little minds; it's the hobgoblin of Imus' mind. Not only did he get in a fight with CNBC and viewers, but there was an on-air brawl with Neil Cavuto in mid-November, too; Cavuto is pretty much Imus' boss, but Imus is consistent. Why stop with viewers and CNBC ...

Watch the Cavuto encounter; this morning's rant was just noise...... 


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