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Dork cracks up adorable Avril Lavigne as 'American Idol' hits LA

Guest judge Avril Lavigne, second from right, joins

Guest judge Avril Lavigne, second from right, joins Randy Jackson, left, Kara DioGuardi, and Simon Cowell for the "American Idol" auditions in Los Angeles. Photo Credit: FOX PHOTO

'American Idol' is in Los Angeles tonight, with Avril Lavigne -- who's still young enough to audition, Ryan points out. She's wearing a pointy hoodie, looks like an adorable devil.

They start with Neil Goldstein, who claims he has an IQ of 168. And yet apparently no street smarts; he seems like a dork, albeit a nice one. He's nervous, and bad.

Simon tells him straight out "he's not suited for this business," Neil argues with him, tells him he's not going anywhere, Avril is cracking up, she's genuinely enjoying the interaction, which goes on for too long.

She goes "awkwarrrrrd" at the end, it cracks me up -- she's like very non-show businessy so far, seems likes a totally normal fan.

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