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Drake surprises as 'American Idol' final four sing Alicia Keys and Stefano Langone returns

"American Idol" is cutting to three finalists tonight -- or are they? Ryan Seacrest promises a "surprise twist" so we'll see. They start things off with the group singing Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire."

It's a strong, enjoyable performance; choreography isn't anything special and they don't interact much, but oh those voices...

Amber Holcomb up first; her rendition of "I'm Your Lady" was easily the best of last night for me. They run through the highlights, then she sits back down again without finding out anything. It's apparently gonna be one of those nights...

After the break Kree Harrison's rocky performance is rehashed, and then Stefano Langone, who sang a couple seasons ago, is back to perform for some reason. Not sure anybody was clamoring to hear him....

He's actually pretty good, doing "Yes To Love" -- nice tone to his voice, good passion; veering on the edge of corny but for one song it's not too much.

Candice Glover next up, she was also uneven last night. They play what seems like an audio clip from Drake, who liked her performance of his "Find Your Love" song -- and then the stage backdrop opens and he strolls in.

Audience shrieks for like a minute, Glover is over the moon and the other contestants rush up to meet him too. Drake's got a huge smile on his face.

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