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'Duck Dynasty' finale topped 'American Idol' (in the demo)

From left, Phil Robertson, Si Robertson and Jase

From left, Phil Robertson, Si Robertson and Jase Robertson star in the A&E TV series "Duck Dynasty." Credit: Art Streiber

Yes,  a major television franchise may indeed have problems when a show about hirsute dudes who make duck whistles (or callers; whatever) tops it:  "Duck Dynasty" beat "American Idol" Wednesday night.

  In the demo...I add.

 "Duck" got 9.6 million viewers BUT a 4.3 rating among young 'uns, aged, 18-49.

 "Idol:" A 3.3 rating.

Big deal? To a certain extent, but not the End of the World for "Idol" even if it is embarrassing. "Dynasty" finished its season Thursday night, and finished it big; and my own theory is that most viewers these days who watch "Idol" also are fans of "Duck Dynasty." They made a choice - the "Duck" dudes in Hawaii or just another "Idol?" Easy choice for most of them. 

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