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'Duck Dynasty' fourth season wraps... Boo!

Based in Monroe, La., the Robertson family —

Based in Monroe, La., the Robertson family — from left, Si, Kay, Jase, Korie, Willie Robertson and Phil — oversee a duck call business in A&E's popular "Duck Dynasty." Credit: A&E

Should a blog about TV fail to note even in passing that cable's top-rated reality series -- "Duck Dynasty," in this instance — ended the night before and may stand a chance of surpassing last season's record finale mark of nearly 10 million viewers?

No. And so noted. "Duck Dynasty" ended Wednesday night after a huge launch in August (nearly 12 million viewers). Now naturally the question is or should be before A&E: How much longer can this last?  "Dynasty" has grown almost too fast — if "too fast" can be considered a problem — leaving A&E in both an enviable position and a precarious one.  

Has it reached its maximum cruising altitude? And if not, how far is up? And when shows reach max cruising altitudes, especially hot unscripted ones, isn't the usual next part of this script, the descent? And if so, how fast a descent?

Ratings out later. More questions:  Will last night's finale surpass the 9.63 million mark for the closer last April? Or...?

Couple quick clips from last night...

And Newsday app viewers, please watch at, at least if you want to watch Willie beat Si with a severed human limb...

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