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'DWTS' audience WAS booing Palin

OK. "Dancing With the Star" fans: Hate to break this to you now, but I'm reasonably certain the audience on Monday night was in fact booing Sarah Palin.

You, of course, know the story well by now: Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey were getting their very good scores - 8s - when loud booing broke out. Grey and Hough were flabbergasted and looked over to see what was happening.

Bloggers and the press put two and two together and decided that Palin got the Bronx cheer because Tom Bergeron had just scooted over to interview her.

"DWTS" went into instant damage control, and for good reason - any implication that the audience was booing the mega-hot Tea Party queen would look bad for the show that tries to studiously avoid political controversy (most shows do). Plus, there are a lot of conservative fans of this show.  Plus, Sarah might not come back ... plus, why embarass her daughter, who's doing well?

In any case, I've studied the evidence and am now 99 percent certain: The audience was booing Palin. My evidence: The same evidence ABC put out to establish that she was NOT getting booed.

Go about 52 seconds into the tape (below): Now, look at the man directly above Len's head. He's booing and he's looking straight at Palin. Even Bruno (Tonioli) was confused; why are you booing me, he said? Eight is great. And he's right; it was one of the best scores of the night! Next, check out Bruno's reaction: He thinks he's getting booed, and then when Tom intro's Palin, he looks down at the desk and laughs.

That one-second reax says it all: "Oh! That's why they're booing..."

The fact is, friends, we've been hoodwinked. Palin got the Bronx Cheer; ABC pretended she did not. The proof is their own proof.

Here's the ABC proof video followed by first video followed by the live to air version; draw your own conclusions and don't believe everything networks tell you:




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