Honestly, ABC can't be too happy about this. Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough scored a 59 last night -- and it should have been 60 except that Len was being picky or hadn't had his second cup of coffee or something, and therefore bestowed a 9 as opposed to 10 for the foxtrot, which was actually superior to their "perfect" paso.

And so it would seem ... over! Nic and Der have sewn it up. They are the winners! Over ... and out!

  But no. In fact, we can  make a case here that maybe Nic and Der should be worried.  

  For you statisticians out there, a 60 is very rare at this stage, and the last time anyone got a perfect 60 this late or close to this late in the game was back in season 8, when Gilles/Cheryl got one in week 10.

  And as you know, they did not win.

  Also, Mya/Dmitry got a 59 at this point last season ... and as you also know, they did not win either.

  So super scores at this point are not necessarily a ticket to the center circle, and -- curiously enough -- may even be a ticket to second place. 

  Here's their perfect paso from last night ... Not perfect enough kids!

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