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"DWTS:" Pierre's Picks

Here we go - another week of Pierre DuLaine's picks.

Two people go tonight...who will they be?

Pierre's picks...Holly and Steve-O.

Quickie memory refresher: Pierre DuLaine is one of New York's great dance teachers - a former world ballroom dance champ and founder of the famed Dancing Classrooms - which has taught dancing to hundreds, thousands, of New York City school kids, and has programs throughout the five boroughs and on Long Island...

He has graciously agreed to give TV Zone his "DWTS" analysis each week. He knows what he's talking about, and I usually don't. So awaaaaaay we go! Here are Pierre's observations...


Lil Kim: Very clean, not as passionate and she was a bit too busy. Not as sensual as I'd like. An 8.

Melissa: Very in character with her choreography...a ten.

Gilles: My favorite. He did an incredible job. In character, passionate and sensuous. He was present - it's like doing a part [in a play]. You are engaged in his believed it...a ten.

David: Good energy. an 8.


Chuck: I was disappointed. Not very Lindy-like [they did the Lindy Hop.] Too much slow work too. A 7.

Shawn: What horrible costumes. Oh please. No body wears shorts - and their midriffs showing! But...their choreography was good. I gave them a nine.

Holly: Oh my God, what is she doing t here? Very stiff. No character or passion for a tango. A 5. She'll be out.

Lawrence: Not his dance [the Argentinian Tango]. He was never in charge, no passion, no seduction whatsoever...a six.


Ty: He was very good at partnering and very much in character. I gave him a ten.

Steve-O: Very stiff and mostly uncoordinated. Not enough partnering and unmusical. A five.

Steve: He had the worst marks [and] it was not a tango. But I believe [his fans, the Woz Posse] want him to a five.

(Pix: Kelsey McNeal / ABC. Is Holly gone?)

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