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Good Evening

'DWTS:' Ranking the field

One never really knows how good a dancer/star will be on "Dancing with the Stars" until one sees said dancers . . .and after last night, we have some indications.  I'v reranked them all, from the best, to the least-best (to be kind.)

All of this is largely irrespective of what the judges said last night. Kirstie Alley, for example, will not win, but she did a good job nonetheless. Last on this list is likely to get voted out next week. Those at the top are most likely to succeed. (And remember, I'm convinced "DWTS" wants to -- and will -- give the glitter ball to a male hoofer this season).

Overall? Not an exactly sparkling start. Other than the leaders -- who were certainly good, and will certainly improve -- there was no dazzler in this group, no one that particularly said "watch me."

Surprise of the night? Sugar Ray Leonard, who seemed almost geriatric. Second minor surprise? Macchio, who was easily the best of the field last night. Expect improvement there.

I've tied Macchio and Ward, but edge definitely goes to Ward; he's one of the world's greatest athletes. After 10 weeks of this ordeal, he'll be the one left standing.

1.) Tied: Ralph Macchio, Hines Ward

2.) Chelsea Kane

3.) Romeo

4.) Petra Nemcova

5.) Kirstie Alley

6.) Kendra Wilkinson

7.) Chris Jericho

8.) Sugar Ray Leonard

9.) Wendy Williams

10.) Mike Catherwood



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