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'DWTS:' The end for Ralph Macchio?

Ralph Macchio, Huntington's own and the original Karate

Ralph Macchio

, Huntington's own and the original Karate Kid. Credit: Getty Images

It's up to voters now: Will they save Ralph Macchio, because the "Dancing with the Stars" judges effectively discharged him last night. 

Yes, it was a very bad night for Ralph -- dancing through the pain of a ruptured cyst behind his knee. Now, there is no denying the obvious, the possibly inevitable, the ugly truth: He could be gone off the show in a few hours.

I've also parsed a few numbers, and can persuasively argue, I think, that he still has a chance, But the word "slim" may have to be put in front of that word. He and Karina Smirnoff scored a total of 46 which placed him almost 10 full points behind board leader Chelsea Kane. He's an even six points behind third place Romeo.

These numbers aren't insurmountable but it would take a huge voter turnout for Macchio to push him past Romeo -- and that, of course, is assuming Romeo gets fewer votes from his fan base.

One thing to consider: Last season, on the instant dance edition, Bristol Palin scored a 47 on the night, or 10 behind the leader, and survived. But she had help -- from viewers who voted for her no matter how wooden a routine; and more importantly, from Kurt Warner, who scored only a 48. He was ejected the next night.

So Macchio fans, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but tonight looks tough. Again, he could still survive -- that's absolutely possible -- but just don't get your hopes up.  It's a shame if it does end this way, but injuries happen on this show -- which is why athletes tend to win, and why Hines Ward, a world-class one, remains the odds-on-favorite.   

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