"Dancing with the Stars," naturally casts a wide net every season to land the sort of fish that would justify the name. "Stars:" You know, people who have actually done something on screen or in life that justify the appellation. It's not easy, which is why the word "star" has been generously - over-generously - defined at times.

  The Hollywood Reporter came up with a nice list detailing those who said no - Kirstie Ally is the best known of the naysayers. Here's that list with my pros and cons...


 - Sylvester Stallone
  Pro: Sly is hot again thanks to "The Expendables," which is probably why he declined.
  Con: Rocky can dance, but can Rambo?

 - Ann Coulter
   Pro: Like Cloris Leachman, would add element of danger.
   Con: Doing Argentine tango with Tony Dovolani could undermine flamethrowing polemicist rep.

 - Mark Zuckerberg
   Pro: Facebook founder counters sociopath nerd portrayal in "The Social Network" with cool new fleetfoot image.
   Con: Zuckerberg unintentionally PROMOTES movie, which opens Oct. 1.
 - Condoleezza Rice
   Pro: If former House Repulbican leader Tom DeLay could do this, why not "Condi?"
   Con: Secretary of State legacy possibly complicated by reality show stardom.
 - Erin Brockovich
   Pro: Activist with household name status.
   Con: Why not get Julia Roberts instead?
 - Richard Branson
   Pro: Virgin Airways founder never met a challenge he couldn't beat.
   Con: Virgin Airways founder never met Len Goodman or Bruno Tonioli either.
  - Tim Allen
    Pro: To infinity and beyond, Buzz!
    Con: None, but does he really need another paycheck?
  - Suzanne Somers
   Pro: Inspired choice. Thighmaster queen/Chrissy Snow pure "DWTS" ratings gold.
   Con: Could revive memory of '05 Broadway uber-bomb, "The Blonde in the Thunderbird."

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