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Dylan Ratigan ... back to NBC

Former "Fast Money" guy fast-tracks back to NBC (AP Photo)

Appears to have been colder on the outside than Dylan Ratigan anticipated: He's back, this time at MSNBC. He'll anchor the mornings, 9 to 11, starting June 29.

Whaaa, you reasonably stammer-ask? He left CNBC in what appeared to be white-hot fury - bugged that it didn't match his considerable talents. I think he wanted to be a late-night talk show host, or failing that, get a high-profile gig with ABC News. (But it's a recession, Dylan! Media jobs are scarce! Particularly late-night hosting ones!)

But all's well that ends well...etc. "MSNBC is on a terrific roll, and adding Dylan really bolsters our lineup of strong personalities," said Phil Griffin, MSNBC boss and clearly a world-class diplomat, too. "Dylan will be the perfect complement to 'Morning Joe' and he rounds out a great team in the morning."

Said DR, who's learning to become a diplomat, too: "I am grateful to Phil Griffin for this incredible opportunity to create a program and collaborate with the impressive talent that makes up MSNBC. While I look forward to broadening my scope in covering the multitude of issues facing our country today, what draws me to MSNBC is that they have offered me a 2-hour forum to discuss any and all political issues with no directive other than to provide compelling content. Which apparently now I actually have to do."

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