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Elijah Liu does stellar Rihanna, Cortez Shaw flat on 'American Idol'

Elijah Liu up first as "American Idol" goes from 10 guys to five, doing Rihanna's "Stay." Fantastic from the get-go; has a unique tone, and sounds -- and looks -- like a pop star. Calmness to him too; in total control, not trying too hard, just letting the song pour out of him, deliberately. Great performance, audience goes wild.

Keith Urban liked his control, felt the song suited his voice. A smiling Nicki Minaj calls him "very marketable," with Randy Jackson calling him "very current" but wanting him to go for it more. Mariah Carey "liked it a lot," tells him "your relevancy is your strongest point."

Cortez Shaw up next, doing Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven." Dances well, but an odd song choice, and it never flows for me. Plus he's pitchy in spots. 

Urban asks him how he feels and wants to know why he picked it; then tells him it wasn't a good song choice. Minaj says he seemed "real hyped," but doesn't think his outfit fit the coolness he's trying for. Jackson says he's not quite hitting the high notes, Carey hopes the fans remember his past performances.

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