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Elise Testone and her hat power into 'American Idol' finals

Aaron Marcellus, Creighton Fraker and Reed Grimm next up on "American Idol" -- tough group to figure out which one will get voted into the finals, maybe none ...

I really am beginning to dislike Grimm actually, he seems pretty self-centered and cheesy. So I think he's going home; Marcellus was pretty good but I barely remember him -- I don't think he will get voted in, but may be a wild card.

Which leaves Fraker -- whose performance I liked, and who has a quirky personality. But not sure people will vote for him ... I guess I will hope enough people did for him to be the one moving on to the finals.

Marcellus wasn't voted in, nor was Fraker. Nor was Grimm; ha!

Elise Testone, Haley Johnson, Jenn Hirsh and Erika Van Pelt up next, a motley group without a clear favorite.

I liked Testone and her special tone best (although not so much the funky fedora she's sporting tonight), so I think she gets voted in. Van Pelt wasn't bad either, though; maybe a wild card spot for her. Johnson and Hirsch are going home, I think.

And it's Testone, the final woman voted by the fans into the finals.

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