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Elise Testone gets lots of advice and rambles on 'American Idol'

Elise Testone growling out Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" next on "American Idol" -- people are either going to love it or hate it, no in-between on this version.

I think she falls short; not sure why, but even though there are some strong vocal moments and she's got the touch of a pro, it just doesn't feel believable to me.

Jennifer Lopez says good, but wants to see even more emotion, and says maybe that's why she's in the bottom three all the time, wants her to make more of a connection with the audience, urges her to try "showing your heart" more.

Steven Tyler says, "You need to take it up a notch," hit some out of the park.

Randy Jackson didn't like the song choice, "you're not really sure what's exactly right for your voice," wanted her to let the lyrics "marinate" more.

Oh gosh, we're already running tight on time, and this part has gone on too long and now Testone is just rambling on and thinking out loud, digesting what the judges just told her, and they're giving her even more feedback.

Just move on; she's going to be in the bottom three again this week, and most likely will go home, just doesn't have the fan base.

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