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Elise Testone is 'dope, Deandre Brackensick gets bad advice on 'American Idol'

Elise Testone singing Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" next on "American Idol," she says "tonight when I take the stage, people are going to be making babies."

Ha -- then they run a clip of President Barack Obama singing a few lines from the song at a fundraiser, next to Testone singing it, with saying they should have a sing-off.

She's quite good, the song just spools out; the tone really fits the song, it's enjoyable to listen to. "I love your voice," says Steven Tyler, praising her "raspy tone."

Jennifer Lopez calls it "beautiful," says it worked on every level. "Elise is back!" says Randy Jackson. "This girl is dope."

Deandre Brackensick up next, wants to do Elton John's "Can You Feel the Love Tonight." Guest mentor and mentor Jimmy Iovine both push him instead towards Mariah Carey's version of "Endless Love."

His tone fits the song, seems very sincere. Plus lets him do his little cracked voice falsetto; nice. It's all a bit soft; a bit like he's just performing though; not sure after all if he shouldn't have just go with his first pick, missing a certain passiong. Does do a great run at the end.

Jennifer Lopez tells him "you sang that beautifully," but says "I didn't think that was the right song for you, and I felt like you didn't think that was the right song for you."

Tyler agrees with Lopez, and Jackson calls it "boring," tells him to do his own thing next time. "We could tell you didn't feel that."

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