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Ellen Degeneres and Katie Stevens shine on 'American Idol,' Skiiboski not so much

Ellen DeGeneres joins 'American Idol' for Hollywood Week, gets a big hand when she comes out, and right away shows why I really like her: "I do know what it's like to stand on stage and try to please an entire room full of people... that's a hard thing to do."

She sits next to Simon of course, this is gonna be a fun next hour; she's all done up, looks pretty glam herself....

Contestants come out in groups of eight, with Katie Stevens singing "For Once in My Life." Nice, husky voice; one of my favorites out of the audtions, has great tone and touch, and huge likeability.

"Actually, you're quite good," says Simon as she goes, "Yes!"

Skiiboski, who seems a lot shyer now; "I Heard It Through the Grapevine," nothing amazing, but not bad. "You frighten me... you were like a leopard behind a cage," Ellen says, he's a bit too intense for her. It has the audience cracking up, and she's smiling too.

Katie makes it, not Skiiboski, who wants to know why afterwards; then does a little singing as he smiles his way out.

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