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Ellen DeGeneres settles 'The Dress' debate, reveals color on her show

Guests responsible for Internet sensation

Guests responsible for Internet sensation "The Dress" hold up dress-themed underwear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the program that ran Tuesday, March 4, 2015. Caitlin McNeill, from left, posted the photo of the dress to her Tumblr account after friend Keir Johnston and his wife, Grace MacPhee, could not agree on the color of MacPhee's mom's dress, Cecilia Bleasdale, which is blue and black. Credit: Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

The family behind the dress photos that created a worldwide controversy over whether it was white and gold or blue and black appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Tuesday to explain how the phenomenon started and show the actual dress -- which was blue and black.

After saying at the top of the show that, "I see white and gold," DeGeneres, 57, welcomed Scottish newlyweds Grace MacPhee and Keir Johnston and their friend Caitlin McNeill. MacPhee explained that her mother was picking out a dress for the wedding and sent photos of three candidates. "And I said, 'So which one is it, which one do you like the best?' And she said the third one. I said, 'Oh, the white and gold one.' And she said, 'No, the blue and black one.' And as I [told her], 'No, mum, that's white and gold, and if you think it's blue and black you need to go to the doctor's.' "

After she and her mother, Cecilia Bleasdale, "had a bit of a row, back and forth like that," MacPhee showed the photo to her fiance. Finding the dress to be blue and black, he sought an opinion from his father, who lives next door. "And I say, 'What color's this dress, Dad?' And he says, 'Well, Son, I'd say that's white and gold." And so I thought, 'Hmm, these guys are pulling a trick on me.' "

After weeks of the entire small community arguing over the dress' color, McNeill posted it on her Tumblr page in hopes of a scientific explanation. After about a half-hour, she said, "Somebody just texted me and said, 'Can you just search [the hashtag] #TheDress on Twitter?' " To her astonishment, she found hundreds of photos of it.

Bleasdale then came out wearing the garment, which was clearly blue and black.

At its peak Thursday, #TheDress was being tweeted 11,000 times a minute, reaching 11 million tweets.


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